Press Kit

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About Calligram Studio

Calligram is currently three people. We're based between the UK and France, not that it matters all that much. We call ourselves an art collective for two reasons: it reflects the fluidity of our structure and highlights how we think about the medium of computer games.

After testing the waters with two successful campaigns in 2017 (Square Enix Collective and Kickstarter), we began production of our first game, Phoenix Springs.

Phoenix Springs

Developer: Calligram Studio
Genre: Point and Click, Adventure Game, Mystery
Platforms: PC, Mac, Linux
Steam tags: noir, mystery, stylised, story-rich, sci-fi
Features: fully voiced, challenging puzzles, atmospheric world.
Release date: September 16th 2024

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Game Design

Phoenix Springs is a modern take on the classic point-and-click adventure game, where your inventory is a mind map of leads and clues (think detective pinboard). You progress by talking to people, solving problems, and making connections.

1920 x 1080 Screenshots

One of the key technical challenges was to achieve the game's unique look: a blend of toon-shaded 3D, digital illustrations, and hand-drawn animations.

Download screenshots here (ZIP file).

Phoenix Springs screenshot - Bridge
Phoenix Springs screenshot - Buzzer
Phoenix Springs screenshot - Iris
Phoenix Springs screenshot - model
Phoenix Springs screenshot - Cabin
Phoenix Springs screenshot - Kid
Phoenix Springs - capsule art


The game's demo (first 30-50 mins) has been positively reviewed by:

The Gamer

Phoenix Springs feels like an exciting mix of old-school point-and-click and modern problem-solving and style, and I can’t wait to play the full game.


A unique and well-crafted adventure with a remarkably intuitive UI, excellent voice-acting, an intriguing story and a stunning visual style. It feels like the pages of a graphic novel have come to life.


I love the art, I love the sounds, I love the voice acting, and I love the way you interact. This looks like everyone I want. A mystery adventure with an aesthetic I want to use to decorate my home.

Vulgar Knight

Phoenix Springs is one of the most stylish, concise point and click adventures I’ve seen of late. There’s no grog in-jokes, pixel art visuals, or over-inflated inventory to manage; it’s a sequence of intuition that flows with finesse.


Just when you've seen it all, a game like Phoenix Springs rolls around and totally blows you away with its storytelling and aesthetic.

Showcases, Nominations and Awards

• Official Selection, Day of the Devs 2024
• Nominee, Wings Prize, A MAZE Berlin 2024
• Nominee, Best Narrative, Gamescom Latam, Big Festival 2024
• Nominee, Best Art, Gamescom Latam, Big Festival 2024
• Official Selection, Best of British, London Games Festival 2024
• Nominee, Critic's Choice, Indie Cup UK 2023
• Nominee, Most Anticipated, Indie Cup UK 2023
• Nominee, Rising Star, Indie Cup UK 2023
• Winner Best Art Direction, IndieX 2023
• Official Selection, SXSW Sydney Games 2023
• Official Selection, Curios Showcase, WASDxIGN London 2023
• Official Selection, Indie Live Expo Winter 2023
• Official Selection, Mini Indie Showcase 2023
• Official Selection, Be a Hero Showcase, ComicCon Stuttgart 2023
• Official Selection, DreamHack Beyond Game Awards 2023
Official Selection, Save&Sound Festival 2023
• Official Selection, AdventureX 2022